My department

The Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo was established in 1987 as a joint effort by the faculties of art and social science. The department carry out research and  teach about modern media, their content, means of expression and functions, and their social, political and cultural significance for society. The activities in the department are founded on academic traditions from the arts as well as the social sciences.

The department’s research activities cover a broad range of topics within media studies including a special emphasis on ”new media” in the sense of communications technology and new forms of communication, e.g. the convergence between media, information and telecommunication technologies. The department is also involved in research on the impact of the media in societies in Southern Africa and in the Baltic countries.

The department is responsible for a bachelor’s and a master’s programme in Media Studies, a master’s programme in Journalism in collaboration with Oslo University College, and also delivers courses to students on bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Digital Media, Aesthetics, and Programme for Teacher Education. There is also a special master’s programme in Media Studies taught in English for students on exchange programmes. The department is active in a variety of exchange programmes and receives students from many countries each year. The department also hosts an international summer school course which includes a master’s course in Media Studies where both Norwegian and international students participate. There are about 400 registered students in the department at any time, coming in from the above-mentioned programmes.

Media Studies intends to give the students thorough knowledge of media and communication in modern society, mainly using a theoretical/analytical approach. Media Studies is therefore not a programme intended for specific professions, but provides important knowledge of practical value for a wide range of professions and sectors of society.

The department is also responsible for a three year’s doctoral programme in Media Studies with about 25 PhD students, Norwegian and international, and organises doctoral courses and seminars in English. The Ph.D programme is chaired by me.

The department is growing rapidly and approach 50 counting part time positions etc., in addition to a large number of researchers on externally financed research projects and post-doctoral projects and also a number of research fellows. The department’s international profile is among others maintained through links with part time professors coming in from other European universities: Stirling, Amsterdam, Paris and Copenhagen.